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Senior UX Designer (44 views)

April 10, 2018

We are looking for a Senior UX designer with great deal of drive to create products and interfaces that are compelling and easy to use for millions of our customers across multiple markets.  

Our talented and collaborative multidisciplinary team is made up of design, research, content and prototyping specialists. Together we align around our objectives to provide customer and business value. As a senior designer, you will be focusing on exploring and solving prioritised customer problems, pushing the boundaries of design whilst contributing to creation of best practices and maintaining consistent experience across all of Tesco web based products and services.

With genuine appetite for complex information, you will have experience in research and technical implementation as well as a passion and energy for design and visual communication of your ideas. Insights and data is what drives our team and you will use it to empower your decisions to support and enhance the lives of people when coupled with a clear understanding of their evolving needs. You’re no stranger to web technologies and using these for creating in-browser prototypes. Optimisation tools will be your way of pushing the needle against your objectives and KPI’s.

As our ideal candidate, you’re passionate about the understanding the customer and championing their needs whilst utilising your experience with design systems and processes focusing on speed and collaboration.

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