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Senior UX/UI Designer (38 views)

June 16, 2017


As our new UX / UI designer, you will work closely with Project Managers in the development stages of mobile apps. Your primary goals will be to design the next generation of apps and other mobile interfaces across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile Web. We expect you to have a solid understanding of how different types of people use their devices and have the flexibility to adapt to new technologies quickly.

You must be passionate about designing original and innovative mobile apps and web systems that offer consumers the best possible user journey, as you will be responsible for highly usable and intuitive interface creation. You must also be able to deliver a visually striking product that clients are proud to call their own, as any concept you create will be brand consistent across all mobile experiences that our company provides to end users.


  • Research and track advancements in mobile app design patterns.
  • Stay on top of the latest standards and changes in the mobile design field.
  • Keep abreast of UX trends and look for creative ideas and inspiration in parallel and analogous worlds.
  • Develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual screen designs for iOS, Android, Windows and mobile web.  
  • Creating relevant branding for target audiences; colour scheme / logo / fonts.
  • Producing initial wireframes and workflows.
  • Provide strategic thinking and leadership.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams throughout the design process.
  • Participate in the development process from the definition, through design, build, test release, and maintenance.
  • Break any design problem down into viable actionable chunks and solve them with clarity and precision.
  • Translate existing branding or designs for clients who have an existing app.


  • Expert level skills using the following programmes: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator and Photoshop, Invision, UXPin, and Marvel.
  • Strong graphic design skills, with a good understanding of typography, intuitive layouts, and palate development.
  • Preferably a bachelor’s or higher degree in interaction design, human – computer design, cognitive science or related fields.
  • Confident in client meetings to showcase design projects and principles.
  • Strong ability to recognise and predict use-cases and user interaction, include happy path, edge, and corner cases, and incorporate them into designs.
  • Excellent understanding of user experience design for mobile and the web, technology trends, demonstrate design skills, and ability to show relevant work.
  • Proven ability to deliver high-quality designs to customers.
  • A team player who can easily adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Deep understanding of Apple’s human interface design guidelines, Android design and other mobile platform designs, including Google’s material design.
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